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Lindsay Kubaryk

Board Liaison

Lindsay is the Board Liaison for WRI’s Board of Directors. She manages the activities of WRI’s distinguished international Board of Directors and works to engage board members and enable them to...

Allegra Wrocklage

Intern, Natural Infrastructure for Water

Allegra is an intern for the Natural Infrastructure for Water Project. She works on researching strategies and best practices regarding the implementation and financing of natural infrastructure...

Sam Ritchie

Data Engineering Lead, Global Forest Watch

Sam Ritchie is the GFW program’s data engineering lead. He’s working on applying the latest artificial intelligence and distributed systems research to WRI’s data pipelines.

In a past life...

Ricardo Martinez

Human Resources Intern

Ricardo (Ricky) is a Human Resources Intern. He assists the WRI Human Resources Team with various projects and assignments, helping with events that will involve all the interns at WRI including “...

Sifan Liu

Intern, Building Efficiency Initiative

Sifan is the intern for Building Efficiency Initiative at Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She is working on the implementation of building efficiency and sustainable infrastructure in cities,...

Katherine Shea

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Katherine Shea is a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the Forests Team. She supports the Global Forest Watch initiative in monitoring, reporting, evaluation and learning, with the aim of...

Gabrielle Swaby

Project Coordinator, Climate Briefing Service

Gabrielle Swaby is a Project Coordinator for the Climate Briefing Service within the Climate Program at WRI. She works to coordinate activities relating to grant and contract processes as well as...

Ryan Sarsfield

Latin America Commodities Manager, Global Forest Watch

Ryan Sarsfield is the Latin America Commodities Manager with WRI’s Global Forest Watch team. He works to reduce the environmental impact of key commodities in Latin America through collaboration...

Caroline Winchester

Global Forest Watch Commodities Research Assistant

Caroline is the Global Forest Watch Commodities Research Assistant within the Food, Forests, and Water Program. She undertakes research to drive transparency within agricultural supply chains that...


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