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WRI engages in forest mapping and governance and access to information issues in Cameroon. Learn about our Congo Basin Forest Atlases, Governance of Forests Initiative, and Access Initiative.

Legislative Representation and the Environment

Lessons from a case study of Cameroon

This brief highlights the incentives that provide an opportunity for legislators to effectively perform as well as the disincentives which impede the legislator’s effectiveness regarding the representation of their consituents' environmental needs.

1999-2000 Allocation of Logging Permits in Cameroon

Fine-tuning Central Africa's First Auction System...

Cameroon's forestry legislation is implemented by the allocation of <i>ventes de coupe</i>, <i>Unités Forestières d'Aménagement</i> (UFA) and community forests. This paper presents information on how different logging rights were allocated and to whom....

Overview of logging in Cameroon

Documents through maps and indicators the current and historic extent of logging in Cameroon along with the key actors -- companies and individuals -- engaged in this activity.


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