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Sahana Goswami

Senior Project Associate - Urban Design and Accessibility, EMBARQ India

Sahana is an Associate for Publications in the Urban Design and Accessibility (UDA) team of EMBARQ India. Her work includes generating publication ideas based on projects undertaken by the UDA...

Nitin Pandit

Managing Director

Dr. Nitin Pandit is the Managing Director of WRI India. Nitin leads WRI's work in India across all objective areas and centers, and is responsible for formulating, leading, and implementing WRI...

Vinaya Bansal

Senior Manager - Market Alliances, EMBARQ India

Vinaya is the Project Manager - Market Alliances. He is based in Mumbai and is responsible for engaging and collaborating with private sector with an aim to promote sustainable mobility in Indian...

Prerna Vijaykumar Mehta

Manager - Urban Development and Accessibility, EMBARQ India

Prerna is Manager for Urban Development and Accessibility, EMBARQ India. Her work lies at connection of urban planning and sustainable transport. She makes technical inputs in urban development...

Rajeev G. Malagi

Project Associate - Urban Development and Accessibility, EMBARQ India

Rajeev is an Associate specializing in Urban Development and Accessibility at EMBARQ India. The focus of his work is on Transit Oriented Development projects which help to create safe access and...

Amita Major

Communications and Marketing Manager, EMBARQ India

Amita is the Communications and Marketing Manager for EMBARQ India. In her role, she is responsible for all internal and external communications for EMBARQ India.

Prior to EMBARQ, Amita...

A. Neil Prakash

Global Director, Human Resources

Neil is a seasoned Human Resources professional with over 20 years of senior management experience at strategic and tactical levels. He maintains a strong international business background gained...

Alok Gupta

Chief Operating Officer, EMBARQ India

Alok is the Chief Operating Officer at EMBARQ India.

Priyanka Vasudevan

Senior Project Associate - Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Priyanka is an Associate of the Integrated Urban Transport team.

Ashok Kumar Thanikonda

Project Associate - Energy

Ashok is the research analyst for the Global Energy Program. He provides research and analysis, communications and outreach support to the Green Power Market Development Group in India.


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