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1999-2000 Allocation of Logging Permits in Cameroon

Fine-tuning Central Africa's First Auction System...

Cameroon's forestry legislation is implemented by the allocation of <i>ventes de coupe</i>, <i>Unités Forestières d'Aménagement</i> (UFA) and community forests. This paper presents information on how different logging rights were allocated and to whom....

A First Look at Logging in Gabon

Provides an overview of logging activities within Gabon's forests and summarizes Gabon's forestry law and tax system....

Overview of logging in Cameroon

Documents through maps and indicators the current and historic extent of logging in Cameroon along with the key actors -- companies and individuals -- engaged in this activity.

World Resources 1987

An assessment of the resource base that supports the global economy

Special focus on the spread of toxic wastes in the developed world and sustainable agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa.



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